Faq - 1. Aluminium ac- motors

How do I connect my ac-motor to the supply?
In what sizes can you offer the electric motors in aluminium design?
What are the motor powers for the aluminium motors you offer?
At which speeds can your aluminium asynchronous motors run?
Do you supply special tailor-made AC- motors to customers specifications?
What do I have to consider when installing the motor?
How are motor shafts balanced?
What the data mean on the nameplate?
How do I calculate the capacitor for a Steinmetz circuit?
Are there disadvantages to a Steinmetz connected motor?
What is the basic principle of a three-phase motor?
Where do I find the technical data sheet of my AC motor?
Do you also supply a 220V/380V motor?
How long is your delivery time for AC motors in aluminium design?
Is there a quantity discount for AC motors?
I want to buy an aluninium motor – how should the price be interpreted?
Can I also purchase my JS motor at Amazon or Ebay?
Do you also make available a price list for AC- motors?
Do you also rewind motors?
Do you also supply electric motors from other manufacturers?
Can I also order spare parts such as fan wing, fan hood or terminal box?
What does it mean when the construction type is designated as IM?