Faq - 1. Aluminum electric motors

How do I connect my ac-motor to the supply?
In which sizes does JS-Technik offer aluminium motors?
What power sizes do you offer for aluminium motors?
What speeds do your asynchronous aluminium motors have?
Do you also supply three-phase motors according to customer specifications?
What do I need to pay attention to when setting up the motor?
How are the motor shafts balanced?
What does the information on the name plate mean?
How do I calculate the capacitor in a Steinmetz circuit?
Does the Steinmetz circuit have any disadvantages?
What is the basic principle of a three-phase motor?
Where can I find the technical data sheet for my electric motor?
Do you also supply 220V or 380V motors?
What are the delivery times for aluminium electric motors?
Does JS-Technik offer bulk-purchasing discounts for electric motors?
What is the breakdown of your online shop prices?
Can I also purchase a JS-Technik electric motor on Amazon or eBay?
Can you provide a price list for electric motors?
Do you also wind electric motors/ three-phase motors?
Do you also supply electric motors from other manufacturers?
Can I order electric motor spare parts from JS-Technik?
What does the motor design designation “IM” mean?
Can I exchange a purchased motor?