Faq - 10. Helical gear motors

What is the average delivery time for helical gear units?
Up to what power output capacity do you supply helical gear motors?
Does JS-Technik also supply helical gear units with a brake motor?
How do I find a suitable gear unit with a three-phase motor?
What is the breakdown of the online prices for helical gear units?
Is it possible to get a price list for the JS-Technik gear motors?
Does JS-Technik also wind burnt-out gear motors?
Is there a bulk purchasing discount for helical gear motors?
Does JS-Technik also offer used gear motors available for purchase?
Do you also offer gear motors from other manufacturers?
Can I purchase a JS-Technik gear motor from eBay or Amazon?
Does JS-Technik also supply gear motors with a built-in frequency inverter?
Does JS-Technik also offer ATEX gear motors in a pressure-proof design?
Is it possible to order a helical gear unit with a single-phase motor?