Faq - 10. Spur gear motors

Do you also supply spur gear drives with a short delivery time?
What are the motor powers for the spur gear motors you supply?
Do you also supply a helical gearbox with brake motor?
How do I find the suitable gear drive with three-phase motor?
I want to buy a spur gear -how should the shop price be interpreted?
Can I get a geared motors price list at JS-Technik?
Do you also rewind geared motors with burnt windings?
Is there a quantity discount for spur gear motors?
Is it also possible to buy used geared motors?
Do you also offer geared motors from other manufacturers?
Can I also purchase a JS geared motor at Amazon or Ebay?
Do you also supply a geared motor with integrated frequency inverter?
Can I also buy a helial gear motor in explosion-proof version from you?
Can I also order a spur gear with a single-phase motor?