Faq - 2. Cast iron electric motors

What power output sizes do you offer for three-phase motors in grey cast iron?
In which sizes can I buy a cast iron motor?
Does JS-Technik offer IE4 energy saving motors?
Are electric motors also available in special versions?
What is the protection class IP55 composed of?
What does the power factor (cos phi) mean?
What does 'reactive power factor' mean?
Is an IE3 premium worthwhile for my application?
Does JS-Technik also supply pole-switching motors?
Can I also order a 380 V motor?
What are your delivery times for electric motors?
Are the JS-Technik electric motors also available with a special paint finish?
What is the breakdown of the prices for electric motors in your online shop?
Does JS-Technik also offer used electric motors?
Where can I find the energy efficiency regulation for electric motors?
In which application areas are JS-Technik standard/gear motors used?
Do you also supply and install rotary encoders?
Do you also build electric motors with a hollow shaft?
Does JS-Technik also supply motors with B-side shafts?