Faq - 9. Worm gear motors

How important is the mounting position of the worm gearbox?
Do you also supply worm gearboxes with a brake motor?
The worm gearbox heats up under load – is that normal?
Does a worm gear motor require a run-in period?
Can I also request a worm gearbox catalogue at JS-Technik?
Is there a quantity discount for worm gear motors?
I want to buy a gearbox in the shop – how should the price be interpreted?
What are the motor powers for the worm gear motors you offer?
Do you also rewind defective worm gear motors?
Do you also offer worm gearboxes from other manufacturers?
Can I also purchase a JS worm gear motor at Amazon or Ebay?
Do you also have bargain items among the worm gearboxes?
Can I also order spare parts for worm gear motors?
Do you also supply a worm gear motor with frequency inverter?
Can I also order a worm gearbox with a single-phase motor?
Can I order a worm gear without an engine?
Are worm geared motors also available in ATEX design?
Do worm gears have a self-locking feature?