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Cheap pole-changing motors

If you want to replace a defective pole-changing electric motor with a new drive, please do not hesitate to contact us. Frequently, replacement with a new or used engine is cheaper than repairing it, such as rewinding. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase a replacement engine from our extensive electric motor bearing. In our remainder and special items you will often find the right replacement which is also significantly cheaper.

Modified pole-changing electric motors

In many cases, motors are also required as special motors with customer-specific requirements. Here we are the ideal partner for you, because with our specialist staff, an extensive engine bearing and our own final assembly, we can cover a wide range, including: double brake, special shafts, special motor flanges, modified terminal boxes, extended fan cowls, motors without fan, in 290th / 500V, progressive designs, special motor windings or brake motors in a given degree of protection such as IP54, IP55, IP56 or IP65.