Here you have the possibility to calculate the reactive power factor, the reactive power, and the apparent power
of e.g., AC motors.

sin φ = Q / S
sin φ
sin φ hast to be between -1 and 1 sein!
Blind Power: Q
Apparent Power: S
Please fill all mandatory inputs.

For Example:

An AC motor with a power rating of 3.2 KVA has a sin phi of 0.234.
What reactive power results from these specifications?

sin φ = Q / S
Q = S x sin phi
Q = 3.2 KVA x 0.234
Q = 0.749 KVAr


Measuring Units:

Reactive power     Q = Kilovolt ampere reactive [kVAr]
Apparent power    S = Kilovolt ampere [KVA]
sin φ                              no measuring unit 



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