Planetary gear motors in various designs

JS planetary gear motors are available up to 75KW and are now used in a wide range of applications 
requiring high torque and compact design. The modular planetary gears consist of sun, planets and
internal teeth. To cover the requirements in different work areas, the planetary gear units are available
in various design variants and with extensive accessories. Since the planetary gearboxes work in small
rooms with high torques, the gearboxes generate a correspondingly high thermal load due to their high
power density. Therefore, the gearbox must be checked for thermal performance. Planetary gears are
mainly used in mobile machines and have become established in cranes, metalworking machines,
construction machinery and wind turbines.

Planetary gear motors up to 50,000 Nm

- Ten sizes
- Nominal torques from 1000 Nm to 50,000 Nm
- Reductions from 3.5 to 3000
- Standard connection IEC B5 to electric motor possible
- Different cooling options
- Drive stage optionally with cone or worm wheel
- Connection to hydraulic motor possible
- Special waves, e.g. with multiple wedge profile according to DIN 5480 or DIN 5482 or with shrink disk
- Housing and flanges made of Spheroguss GGG40
- Standard sealing rings FKM and synthetic oil
- Standard protective cap for output seal


 Various planetary gear types:



Options and accessories:

- IEC flange B5 for electric motor
- Various output flanges
- Shrink disc
- Backstop
- Air heat exchanger, water heat exchanger
- Temperature sensor, thermostat
- Oil flow meter, oil filter
- Special seals
- Oil sight glass
- Oil expansion
- Oil conservator

- Torque arm
- Electromagnetic or hydraulic brakes

SEO= Planetary geared motor 0.37kW - 55kW. Planetary gear motors in various designs