Three-Phase Current and Three-Phase Motor Calculations

Electrical formulas for the voltage type "three-phase current" are often required. 
To facilitate the process, we have expanded the "Online Calculator" section for
you with the formulas listed below.


S = V x I x √3
P = V x I x cos φ x √3
Q = V x I x sin φ x √3
cos φ = P / S
sin  φ = Q / S


Measuring Units:

Apparent Power    S = Kilovolt Ampere [KVA]
Active Power         P = Kilowatt  [kW]
Reactive Power    Q = Kilovolt Ampere reactive [KVAr]
Voltage                  V = Volt [V]
Current                   I = Ampere [A]
cos φ                        no measuring unit 
sin φ                         no measuring unit 
√3 or 1,732               no measuring unit