Stainless steel helical geared motors up to 7.5 kW

The wide product portfolio of JS-Technik with its diverse output types also offers the right stainless steel geared motor in the hygiene area. The areas of application are in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Gear motors made of stainless steel are the ideal solution for aggressive environments with very high demands on hygiene, cleanliness and corrosion protection.

Advantages of stainless steel helical geared motors

The stainless steel helical gear motors are manufactured according to HACCP and EHEDG regulations. They have the advantage of extreme corrosion resistance and offer exceptional resistance to harsh chemicals. With conventional gears, paint or metal chipping off due to aggressive cleaning agents can lead to significant production problems when cleaning. To avoid this, gear motors made of stainless steel are used. The geared motors are available with matching flange, as well as with terminal boxes.

 Stainless steel helical geared motors with terminal box

Stainless steel helical geared motors with terminal box 


Technical features:

- Smooth surface (food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry, etc.)
- No deposits of dirt and bacteria
- Reduced interfering edges due to missing cooling fins
- Good cleaning properties
- Up to 1.5kW in protection class IP69K, higher power in IP66
- Three-phase motor without fan (important clean room property)
- Designed for tough continuous operation
- Exceptionally long service life
- Optimal smoothness

Geared motors in protection class IP69K

The protection class IP69K was developed for high pressure cleaning at high temperatures. The code number “6” stands for protection against the ingress of dust, the number “9” for protection against high pressure cleaning at short distances. The IP69K protection class was introduced in 1993 and is based on the DIN40050-9 standard. It was originally developed for motor vehicles to protect against the ingress of foreign objects such as dust or dirt and hot water jets. The latest version of the IEC60529 standard only speaks of IP69 (IP69K = IP69).

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