JS technology - drive technology

As electric motor gearmotors and FU-Profi, JS-Technik-Antriebstechnik is the right address if you are looking for high-quality electric motors, geared motors, frequency converters and products from the field of professional electric drive technology. Our offer includes three-phase motors, brake motors, single-phase motors, worm geared motors, helical geared motors, geared motors, frequency inverters and much more. You order and buy drives of the highest quality from us.

Three-phase motor, special motor

Also in our manufacture of electric motors according to customer specifications, you can choose between many options, such as: second shaft end, speed sensor, double brakes (theater brakes), special paint finishes, frequency converter construction, machining of the shaft end special ball bearings and much more.

Field of application of our drive technology

JS-Technik's electric motors and gearboxes are used extensively, for example in or on hydraulic power units, pumps, compressors, shredders, fans, agitators, presses, hammer mills, washing machines, extruders, sawmills, recycling plants, conveyor systems and in general in mechanical engineering.

Electric motors purchase

Especially when buying three-phase motors, geared motors or frequency converters, professional support is indispensable. Especially we would like to point out our telephone advice and assistance with the product decision. In addition, we offer a short delivery time due to a large worm gear bearing.

Electric motors service

We will be there for you after the sale and will gladly help you with any problems. Whether gearbox, gear motor, single-phase motor, electric motor or special drives, we are there for you and support you with tailor-made concepts, with which you can increase the profitability of your company. If you have any questions to the electric motor manufacturer or the geared motor manufacturer, contact us! motor frequency inverter. For your concerns, questions, requests and feedback simply use our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you and will be pleased to help you with your concerns regarding the electric motor.