Frequency inverter accessories

JS-Technik GmbH specializes in comprehensive challenges in the field of professional drive technology with a focus on frequency converters, three-phase motors and gear motors. Of course, we also offer you the necessary accessories. These also include potentiometers, remote cables, mounting adapters, connection cables, external control panels, mains chokes, Modbus interface cards, manual control units, Profibus interface cards, right / left switch with emergency stop in the housing and 0-10V foot switch.

Electric motor with built-in inverter

An intuitive operating and programming concept, manual control unit with plain text display available as an accessory, integrated soft PLC according to EN 61131-3, PC software with integrated oscilloscope function, optional fieldbus systems (CANopen, EtherCAT, Profibus), flexible use with all common types of motors, asynchronous motors, Synchronous motors, EC motors, simple installation, motor-integrated or close-to-motor mounting, indoor / outdoor use, current vector-oriented control, fan operation with power saving function, stall detection, PID controller with integrated stand-by function, wide input voltage range, catch circuit, service friendliness, robust and compact die-cast housing in protection class IP65, very high temperature and vibration resistance, state-of-the-art circuit topology, no integrated fans (up to 7.5 kW), S1 operation at 50 °C and 8 kHz clocking. The "motor with integrated frequency
inverter" version can also be combined with our geared motors such as worm gears, helical gear units, bevel-helical gear units, etc.

Frequency inverter services

On this page of our electric motor online shop, you will find frequency converters with extensive accessories from a power of 0,4KW, 0,75KW, 1,1KW, 1,5KW, 2,2KW, 3,0KW, 3,7KW, 4,0 KW, 5.5KW, 7.5KW, 11KW, 15KW, 18.5KW, 22KW, 37KW, 45KW, 55KW, 75KW and 90KW.

Frequency inverter ex works

We are the ideal partner for you, with decades of experience and a large warehouse. Mostly, we can cover the short-term needs immediately. Best quality, a competent team and a market-driven price are in the foreground for us. If you can not find your frequency inverter here in the online shop, we ask for your request by email or just contact us directly by phone. For larger quantities from the private and corporate customers, simply send us your needs, and you will receive a top offer from us.

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