Frequency inverter -  Tutorials


How to connect a single-phase frequency inverter to a
three-phase motor is connected!

Parameterization example of the EASYdrive frequency inverter!

LS-M100 frequency inverter to e.g. 80 Hertz!

Parameterization example of the LS-M100 frequency inverter!

Direction of rotation switch with potentiometer on
LS-S100 connect the frequency inverter!

Parameterization example of the LS-S100 frequency inverter!

LS frequency inverters with the PC software
"Drive View" PC software!

Product video of the LS-G100 frequency inverter!

Download frequency inverter videos

In the “Tutorials/Videos” download area, we offer you the opportunity to find meaningful information about our frequency inverter range. The individual topics were selected based on the frequency of technical questions about the individual devices. Due to the positive feedback, we will gradually expand this area further.