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Single phase motor -ML 80B 0.75 kW 4pol-B3
Single phase motor with Operating and Starting capacitor,Power= 0.75 kW, Speed= 4 pole, Voltage= 1 x 230 V (± 5% according to VDE 0530),  Weight= approx 10.8 kg, Shaft = 19 x 40 mm, Frequency= 50 Hertz, Degree of protection= IP55, Operating mode= S1- 100% ED.Paint= RAL 5010 (gentian blue), Temperature sensor= 1 x PTC- Thermistor. Cooling= axial fan, Insulation class = F (155 ° C), Terminal box position= top, Housing= die-cast aluminum,Ball bearing= SKF, C & U, o. equivalent, Motor feet= screw-on resp. can be unscrewed.Single phase motors are suitable for both directions of rotation.Optional:On / off switch with reversing switch for left / right rotation, underVoltage release,Collar connector = 1 x 230 V, switching capacity = 16 A, ambient temperature = -5 ° C to + 40 ° C,Cable between motor and switch housing = approx. 90 cm. Generally:Owned by the starting and operating capacitor the 230V motor has a stronger starting torque.The starting capacitor is switched off when the Speed is reached by a centrifugal switch.Speed control via frequency converters or the like therefore leads to faults and is not permitted.When the load is low, the temperature in the motor rises sharply and this can lead to failures.It is therefore recommended not to operate Single phase motors with a load below 25% of the nominal load.All product photos are non-binding Examples !

CMRV 040-712-4 - 0,37 kW - 70 rpm- Worm Gearbox Motor
Worm Gear Motor, Power= 0,37 kW, Speed= 70 rpm, Voltage= 3 x 230/400 V-50 Hz, 3 x 265/460 V-60 Hz (± 5% In according to the VDE 0530), Degree of protection= IP55, Insulation class= F (155°C), Operating mode= S1, Type of duty= S1- 100%, Hollow shaft= 18mm, Engine Speed= 4 pole, Ratio (i)= 20, Torque= 39 Nm, Service factor (f.s.)= 1 . Terminal box= top (rotatable), Weight= 8,3 kg , Paint= RAL 5010 (gentian blue), Temperature sensor= 3 x PTC-thermistors, Housing= Aluminum or cast iron, Ball bearings= SKF, C & U or equivalent. Cooling= axial fan (plastic). The worm geared motor is suitable for frequency converter use and complies with IEC 60034-30: 2008. The geared motor can be operated in both directions and contains an oil filling on delivery. In according to the VDE 0105 bzw. IEC 364 all work on the electric drive must only becarried out by qualified specialist personnel. For modifications or special designs please send inquiry. All product photos are non-binding examples!

Frequency Inverter JS-LS 008-M100
Frequency inverter, VFD's, 0.75kW, 1 x 200V - 240V, 4.2A, IP20, integrated EMC filter EMC filter – C2 Built-in 0.1-400Hz frequency output 1-15kHz carrier frequency 0-10Vdc analog input 0-10Vdc/4-20mA second analog input (optional) 0-10Vdc analog output IP20 enclosure Selectable manual/automatic torque boost Built-in potentiometer Selectable PNP/NPN Input signal Fault history: Last 5 faults Enhanced process PID control Up-Down & 3-Wire operation Modbus RTU communication (optional) Parameter copy unit Monitoring & commissioning PC based software tool  only advanced! The standard version has no RJ45 interface! Please choose version.                                


Electric motors

Here you can access our extensive range of motors, including single-phase motors, three-phase motors, brake motors and much more.


Gears / geared motors

Our range of gears includes drives for almost all possible applications, such as worm gears, spur gears, bevel gears in aluminum and stainless steel.


Gears / geared motors

Geared motors (available immediately, buy cheap), with options such as second shaft end, speed sensor, double brakes, frequency converter assembly, etc


Frequency inverter

With our frequency inverters, we try to make the use and commissioning easier for you. You will find helpful videos / tutorials with case studies from practice in the product descriptions.


Adjustable gear combinations

Here we offer an extensive range. For example, all geared motor variants up to 22 KW are available with built-on frequency inverters.


Adjustable gear combinations

Frequency inverters with motors mounted on spur gears, worm gears, flat gears, planetary gears and bevel gears.


New products in the online shop

CMRV 030-56 DC100-2 - 0,14 kW - 60 rpm- Worm Gearbox Motor
Worm gear with DC motor, power= 0.14 kW (S2 operation), speed= 60 rpm, Voltage= 12 or 24 volts DC, Degree of protection= gearbox IP55, motor IP40, Current consumption= 12V/16.8A, 24V/8.4A, Operating mode= S2 (short-time operation), Hollow shaft= 14mm, Motor speed= 2 pole, Translation (i)= 40, Torque= 14.0 Nm, Service factor (f.s.)= 1.0, Connection= lead-out cable (1m), Weight= 3.7 kg, An external speed control is available as an option. The gearbox can be operated in both directions of rotation and includes an oil fill upon delivery. In accordance with VDE 0105 and IEC 364, all work on the Electrical drive to be carried out only by qualified specialist personnel.   All product photos are non-binding examples! Technical changes reserved.

Spring pressure brake AC3
Spring-loaded brake for AC3 electric motors with mounting flange AC brake, 3x230/400V (no rectifier necessary)Braking torque 16 Nm, max. power 105 watts, weight 2.3 kg,max. engine speed 3600 rpm, volume approx. 70 dB, The key features of the AC Series brake are:- Very robust structure.- Easy assembly of the brake unit.- Quiet operation (< 70 dBA according to Directive 98/37/EEC).- Good heat dissipation thanks to the die-cast aluminum structure and the electric motor fan;- The coil of the electromagnet is fully epoxy bonded unless otherwise noted.- A manual release lever is available upon request.- cCSAus No. 70043342 Please select the hub diameter. All product photos are non-binding examples! Technical changes reserved.

Frequency Inverter JS-LS 0220H100-4COFN
Frequency inverter for pump / fan operation, 22 kW, 400V, IP20, EMC filter (C3) Specific functions for pumps and fans- MMC function (control of several motors)- Time switch function (time event: real-time clock)- flow compensation- gentle filling- Initial acceleration & final acceleration- valve down ramp- Pump cleaning- load balancing- Fire mode- Energy saving display (amortization counter)- Boost, wake-up function- U / f control- Integrated BACnet communication- LonWorks (optional)- Control panel especially for pumps / fans- Integrated EMC filter / DC reactor- Side by side installation- Intermediate plate option- Small size- Condenser / fan life monitoring function- Smart Copy function (flash drop, download of parameters andof the main operating system possible without Voltage)                >  



• Gear Motors  | Electric motors | Frequency inverters

As a drive technology company, we are exactly the right address if you are looking for high-quality electric motors, geared motors, frequency inverters and products from the field of professional electrical drive technology. With us, you get electric motors for highest requirements. Our range includes electric motors, brake motors, single-phase motors, worm geared motors, spur geared motors, bevel geared motors, offset geared motors, frequency inverters and much more.

• Special motors / geared motors

We also offer many variants for our production of electric motors / geared motors according to customer specifications, such as the Atex version, a second shaft end, speed sensor, double brakes (theater brakes), special paint finishes, frequency inverter construction, machined shaft end, special ball bearings. These special motors are also available in combination with our extensive gear range.

• Application area of our drive technology

The JS-Technik electric motors and gears are used extensively, such as in or on hydraulic units, pumps, compressors, shredders, fans, agitators, presses, hammer mills, washing systems, extruders, sawmills, recycling systems, conveyor technology and generally in mechanical engineering.

• Electric motors purchase

Professional support is indispensable, especially when purchasing a three-phase motor, geared motor or frequency converter. We would particularly like to point out our telephone advice and assistance in making product decisions. In addition, we offer a short delivery time due to a large worm gear warehouse.

• Engine Energy Saving Calculator

Since our foundation, we have specialized in electric motors and geared motors. In addition, you can use our energy-saving calculator to calculate immediately how high your savings potential is if you use an energy-saving motor instead of a conventional electric motor.

• LS frequency inverter

At this point, we would like to draw particular attention to our LS frequency inverter series. The high-quality LS frequency inverters, with their extensive options, are hard to beat in their price range. The Korean VFD's also became known under their previous name LG frequency inverters. A few years ago, a name separation from the well-known electronics group was made here.

• Large stock of gears, electric motors and VFD's

Our company is particularly characterized by a high delivery capacity. As a rule, we as JS-Technik GmbH can deliver in the shortest possible time due to our extensive warehouse. Custom-made products are of course excluded here.

• Quality according to ISO 9001

A qualified team is committed to you with a feel for what is feasible. We deliver quality according to ISO 9001 and CE and always guarantee you an optimal price-performance ratio. We find intelligent solutions for your drive projects, because our goal is long-term satisfied customers.

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