Frequency inverter G100, LED control panel, EMC filter C3

Technical details:

V/f control, sensorless vector control selectable
PID controller for advanced process control
High torque throughout the engine speed range
0.1-400Hz output frequency (please inquire about the 1000Hz variant)
1-15kHz clock frequency
Input voltage range -15% to +10%
Error register: last 5 errors
Analog input 0 to +10Vdc / -10 to +10Vdc
150% torque at 0.5Hz
Degree of protection IP20, UL type 1 (optional)
Torque amplification (boost) manual/automatic
Input signal PNP/NPN selectable
Control and parameter setting for a second motor
Transistor for dynamic braking integrated as standard
Automatic adjustment: motor vector measurement and autotuning
Integrated communication RS485 (LS Bus / Modbus RTU) with RJ45
Fan with on/off control, easily replaceable
Remote control by external control panel and RJ5 cable (Optional)
Advanced features:
         Sleep & wake up function
         Energy saving
         KEB Protection (Kinetic Energy Storage)
         leakage current reduction
Software (Drive View) for monitoring and parameterization on the PC 
Integrated EMC filter C3
DIN rail mounting, several FUsSide-by-Side

Safety notice

All work related to connection, commissioning and regular maintenance
are to be carried out by qualified, responsible specialist personnel.

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