Parallel geared motors accessories  

The parallel shaft geared motors D series offer you a high degree of flexibility, also thanks to their optional accessory designs with solid shaft, torque arm or output flanges. Our entire range of JS-Technik GmbH three-phase motors is available to you when selecting motors. With this drive, you combine the space-saving design with dynamics and reliability to form a powerful flat geared motor.

Parallel shaft gearmotor 75kW
Parallel shaft gear motor 75kW


Power:    0.12 KW to 160 kW
Size:       172 to 976
Torque:  1 Nm to 15,000 Nm

Service factor of geared motors

The service factor (fs) is a safety factor for the parallel shaft gears to work safely under the service conditions. ''fs = 1'' stands for uniform load, 8 hours per day and up to 100 switching operations per hour. The service factor depends on:
- Operating time
- Load Type
- Switching frequency
- Type of drive
- Other Factors 

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