Electric motor in stainless steel

Stainless steel motors are also referred to as smooth-sheathed motors or smooth-running motors, and are used for particularly stringent hygiene and ease of cleaning requirements. We offer you the ideal drive solution for hygiene-sensitive and cleaning-intensive areas. The stainless steel motors are designed so that their surface can be cleaned very well. The housing is consistently made in high quality stainless steel. When designing the surface, recesses and potential "dirt traps" were consistently avoided. This allows for easy cleaning, and the fanless design ensures exemplary hygiene. In addition, there is no dust and dirt turbulence without the fan.


Stainless steel Motor B5





Electric motor with stainless steel body in B5

Degree of protection, IP69K

IP69K protection has been developed for high pressure jet cleaning at high temperatures. The code "6" stands for the protection against the ingress of dust, the number "9" for the protection at high pressure cleaning at a small distance. The protection class IP69K was introduced in 1993 and is based on the standard DIN40050-9. Originally it was designed for motor vehicles to protect against the ingress of foreign objects such as dust or dirt and hot water jets. The latest version of the IEC60529 standard only talks about IP69 (IP69K = IP69).

Technical features:

- Smooth surface (food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry, etc.),
- no dirt deposits and bacterial herds,
- Reduced interference edges due to missing cooling fins.
- good cleaning properties,
- Protection class IP69K,
- Three-phase motor without fan (important clean room property),
- Designed for rough continuous operation,
- Above average life,
- Optimal smoothness.

Product range:

The stainless steel motors offered in the shop are available in the performance size 0.12KW to 1.5KW with a short delivery time. If required, we can also offer you a suitable geared motor in stainless steel. We will soon be offering this variant in our online shop.

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