Pole-changing electric motors

In many cases, the pole-changing motors are also required as special versions with customer-specific requirements. Here we are the ideal partner for you, because through our specialist staff in combination with an extensive engine bearing and our own final assembly, we can cover a wide range. Here we offer motors with 2 speeds or 3 speeds. The pole-changing three-phase motors can also be easily combined with our gearboxes. Mostly Dahlander motors with 6 terminals are used.

Operating modes of three-phase motors

The JS technology drives can be obtained in the following operating modes: continuous operation S1, short-time operation S2, intermittent operation S3 (without start-up, without braking), intermittent operation S4 (with start-up, without braking), intermittent operation S5 (with start-up, with braking), continuous operation S6 (with intermittent load), reversing mode S7, continuous operation (with variable speed).

Type and terminal boxes

The design of the JS engines is variable on request. Even with the AC motors in light design, so from 0.12 KW - 7.5 KW, the feet of the engine can be rebuilt. Thus, a foot motor B3 can also be converted to a flange motor B5 or to a foot / flange / motor B3 / B5. Another advantage is that you can convert the electric drive in a terminal box position in KK-top, KK-left, KK-right, even in KK- below.

Efficiency classes for asynchronous motors

Energy-saving motors in IE3 can also be obtained from the JS technology. The most important efficiency classes are IE1, IE2 and IE3. The legal requirements of the minimum efficiencies are: Since 16.06.2011, motors (0.75 kW - 375 kW) must at least comply with the efficiency IE2. From 01.01.2015, motors (7.5 kW - 375 kW) must be at least IE3 or operated as IE2 with frequency converter. From 01.01.2017, motors (0.75 kW - 375 kW) must be at least IE3, or operated as IE2 with frequency converter. Pole-reversible motors are exempted from the efficiency specification and can be operated in IE1.

Your partner for pole-changing motors

Best quality, a competent team and a market-driven price are in the foreground for us. If you can not find your pole-changing motor here in the online shop, we ask for your request by email or simply contact us directly by phone. For larger quantities, please send us your needs and you will receive a top offer from us.

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