Alternating Current and AC Motor Calculations

Electrical formulas are often required for "alternating current" voltage types. To simplify the process, 
we have extended the "Online Calculator" section for you with the formulas listed below. 


S = V x I
P = V x I x cos φ
Q = V x I x sin φ
cos φ = P / S
sin  φ = Q / S


Measuring Units:

Apparent power   S = Kilovolt-ampere [KVA]
Real power           P = Kilowatt  [kW]
Reactive power   Q = Kilovoltampere reactive [KVAr]
Voltage                 V = Volt  [V]
Current                 I = Ampere  [A]
cosφ                     no measuring unit 
sin φ                     no measuring unit