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Schnecke Ausgangsflansch JS-EV 030-output flange
output flange für EV 030, 65 x 50 x 80mm
€18.92 *
Schnecke Ausgangsflansch JS-EV 040-output flange
output flange für EV 040, 75 x 60 x 90mm
€19.46 *
Schnecke Ausgangsflansch JS-EV 050-output flange
output flange für EV 050, 130 x 110 x 160mm
€20.00 *
Schnecke Ausgangsflansch JS-EV 063-output flange
output flange für EV 063, 150 x 115 x 180mm
€21.36 *
Schnecke Ausgangsflansch JS-EV 080-output flange
output flange für EV 080, 215 x 180 x 242mm
€27.58 *
Schnecke Ausgangsflansch JS-EV 100-output flange
output flange für EV 100, 215 x 180 x 250mm
€46.84 *
Schnecke Ausgangsflansch JS-EV 125-output flange
output flange für EV 125, 265 x 230 x 300mm
€80.06 *
JS-EV 063-output shaft JS-EV 063-output shaft
output shaft mit key feather für worm gear EV 063. 30 x 50mm
€29.40 *
JS-EV 100-output shaft JS-EV 100-output shaft
output shaft mit key feather für worm gear EV 100. 40 x 80mm
€52.31 *
JS-EV 125-output shaft JS-EV 125-output shaft
output shaft mit key feather für worm gear EV 125. 45 x 100mm
€78.49 *
Schnecke Drehmomentstütze JS-EV 030 torque arm
torque arm for EV 030
€20.29 *
Schnecke Drehmomentstütze JS-EV 040 torque arm
torque arm for EV 040
€20.81 *
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Worm gear accessories

JS-Technik GmbH specializes in comprehensive challenges in the field of professional drive technology with a focus on geared motors, electric motors and frequency converters. Due to the large warehouse of worm gear motors, we offer you a particularly short delivery time. Of course, this also applies to the associated accessories such as: flanges, single-sided output shafts, double-sided output shafts, hollow shaft covers and torque brackets.


Application examples of worm gears / motors

Our drives are used almost everywhere in machinery and plant engineering, such as fans, gear pumps, assembly lines, light conveyor belts, screw conveyors, liquid agitators, filling and packaging machines, generators, fans, cleaning machines, textile machines, looms, conveyor belts of all kinds, screw conveyors, Sliding gates, elevators, crane drives, machine tools, woodworking machines, printing machines, kneading machines, roller barrels, agitators for semi-liquid u. doughy masses, roller table drives, packaging machines, folding machines, punches, concrete mixers, crushers, brick presses, forging presses, blowers, compressors, piston pumps, saw gates, heavy winches, rolling mills, heavy machine tools, edge mills, hammer mills, extruders, calenders, heavy material handling systems, elevators, Bucket elevators as well as trough and screw conveyors.


Short delivery time

As a rule, as JS-Technik GmbH we can deliver within 24 hours thanks to our extensive warehouse. Excluded are of course special designs. Our qualified team is committed to you with a sense of the feasible. We deliver quality according to ISO 9001 and CE and always guarantee you an optimal price-performance ratio. We find intelligent solutions for your drive projects, because our goal is sustainable, satisfied customers. By the way, we are also there for you after the purchase and will gladly help you with any problems.