Accessories for geared motors

As a specialist company for drive technology, we are exactly the right address if you are looking for high-quality electric motors, special motors, external fans, geared motors, angular gearboxes with electric motors and frequency converters. You will also receive the corresponding gearbox accessories for these product groups, such as output shafts, flanges, torque arms and end caps.

Electric motor modifications

With our production of special motors you can also choose between special voltages, a second shaft end, motor rain cover, speed sensors, double brakes (theater brakes), special paint finishes, frequency converters with electric motors, machining of the shaft end and special ball bearings.

Application examples of three-phase motors

The electric motors and geared motors from JS-Technik have a wide range of possible uses, such as on or in hydraulic units, pumps, compressors, shredders, fans, agitators, presses, hammer mills, washing systems, extruders, sawmills, recycling systems, travel drives, cable drum drives, and in conveyor technology and generally in mechanical engineering. Spare parts and accessories for gearboxes and motors are often required for special drives.

Buying advice for geared motors

Professional support is essential, especially when purchasing geared motors. We would particularly like to point out our technical advice and support when making product decisions. We also offer a short delivery time thanks to a large gearbox bearing.

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