M100 frequency inverter, IP20, integrated EMC filter

The frequency inverter LS M100 is the perfect, inexpensive successor to the proven frequency converter iC5 from LS.
The user-friendly controller is fully equipped and offers a universal, reliable and economical solution
for speed control.

Features + Benefits

- Excellent choice for small engine applications
- Integrated EMC filter C2
- Built-in DB unit: ≥ 1.5 kW
- The quick menu allows easy access to the most commonly used parameters
- DIN rail mountable
- Side-by-side installation allows for panel size reduction when multiple drives are installed.
- Multi-Smart-Copier for quick and easy on-site installation of the drive software
- Global standard's compliance with new UL 61800-5-1 design for improved isolation circuitry

Technical description

- EMC filter, C2
- Speed control potentiometer
- Fastening on mounting plates or DIN rail
- Side-by-side installation possible (2mm gap between drives)
- Easy connection via RJ45 port
- Standard IO: 3x DI, 1x DO, 1x AI (0-10V), 1x AO (0-10V)
- Brake chopper for 1.5kW and 2.2kW versions
- Overload capacity 150% for 1 min
- Programming with DriveView7 operating software via RJ45 connection on the M100
   (Advanced only! The standard version has no RJ45 interface! Please select version.)

Excerpt of the spec. Features

- DC braking
- Jog operation
- 3-wire operation
- Dwell operation (dwell time operation)
- slip compensation
- PID control
- Energy saving mode
- Speed search
- Automatic restart

Safety notice

All work related to connection, commissioning and regular maintenance
are to be carried out by qualified, responsible specialist personnel.

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