Electric Motor slide rails for belt drive

Often, engine mounting rails are used for belt drive applications. Our motor slide rails are made of a steel construction and galvanized. They allow you to easily set up the motor when setting up your drive. This body variant offers you a simple and constant alignment of the pulley. In addition, each belt drive must be correctly biased to ensure a permanently safe and economical function. Sliding rails are suitable for almost every type of motor and are characterized by a flat and compact design.

Motor tensioning rail + tensioning slide combined


Extensive accessories

JS-Technik GmbH is your specialist in the field of professional drive technology. The focus is on three-phase motors, frequency converters and gear motors. Our drives can be ordered as energy saving motor (s) in IE2 / IE3 and on request also in IE4. The electric motors are often required with specific requirements and corresponding accessories. Here we are the ideal partner for you, because through our specialist staff in combination with an extensive engine bearing and our own final assembly, we can offer you the most diverse engine variants.

Motor special versions

Here, you can see a selection of the most diverse types of electric motors that you can obtain from the JS technology.
These are e.g. Electric motors / geared motors with:

- Frequency inverter construction
- External fans
- Different voltages
- Different frequencies
- Protection classes IP54, IP55, IP65, IP66
- UL / CSA with certificates
- Marine versions
- Insulation class H
- Protective roof on the fan cover
- Current isolated ball bearings
- Leaded cables
- Special paints
- PTC temperature sensors
- Bimetals
- PTC thermistors
- Temperature sensors such as PT 100
- Storage temperature monitoring
- Stationary heaters
- Terminal box left / right / top
- Special flange
- Special waves
- Second shaft ends
- Aluminium Nirosta fans
- Stainless screws (D 086 DMA)
- Encoders
- Tachogenerators
- Incremental encoders
- NU bearings / warehouses
- Preloaded bearings
- Regreasing devices
- Special vibration quality
- Built-in frequency inverters

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