Accessories for gear motors

As a specialist in drive technology, you have come to the right place if you are looking for electric motors, special motors, external fans, geared motors, angle gear units with electric motors and frequency converters. Accessories such as output shafts, flanges, torque arms, end caps are to be ordered here individually.

Electric motors modifications

Also in our production of special motors, you can choose between special voltage, a second shaft end motorized roof, speedometer, double brakes (theater brakes), special finishes, frequency converter with E-Motor, machining of the shaft end and special ball bearing.

Application examples gear motors from JS-Technik

The electric motors and gears of JS technology are widely used in, for example, hydraulic units, pumps, compressors, crushers, fans, agitators, presses, hammer mills, car washes, extruders, saw mills, recycling plants, travel drives, mixer drives, drum drives, and general mechanical engineering.

Purchase advice for gear motors 

At this point, we would like to point out our technical advice and support in the product decision. The JS-Technik team will be pleased to advise you. In addition, we offer a short delivery time due to a large warehouse.

ISO certification  

Our qualified team is committed to the feasible. We deliver quality according to ISO 9001 and CE and always guarantee you an optimal price-performance ratio. We find intelligent solutions for your drive projects, because our goal is sustainable, satisfied customers. By the way: We are also there for you after the sale and will gladly help you with any problems. Whether gearbox, gear motor, single-phase motor, electric motor or special drive, we are there for you and support you with tailor-made concepts, with which you can increase the profitability of your business.