Here you have the possibility to calculate the required cross-section of copper connecting cables in
the single-phase AC network. Normal AC loads such as single-phase AC motors are connected here.

Our cable calculator only generates a rough estimate for the cross-section! 

A = (2 x I x L x cosφ) / (K x Δu x U)
Cable cross section: A
Current: I
Cable length: L
cos φ
cos φ has to be between -1 and 1 sein!
Voltage Drop: Δu
Voltage: V
Please fill all mandatory inputs.

For Example:

A 230 volt AC standard motor has a rated current of 25.18 amps, one
cos φ of 0.86, a cable length of 72 m, and the voltage drop of the cable is 2%.
Which cable cross-section results from these specifications?

A = (2 x I x L x cosφ) / (K x Δv x V)
A = (2 x 25.18 A x 72 m x 0.86) / (56 x 2% x 230 V)
A = (3118.29) / (257.60)
A = 12.105 mm²

The next larger suitable cross-section is 16 mm²!


Measuring Units:

Cross section        A = mm²
Voltage                   V = Volt [V]
Current                    I = Ampere [A]
Kappa copper        K = 56 [m / Ω ​​x mm²]
Delta U                 Δv = %
cos φ                          = no measuring unit



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