Frequency inverter H100 for fans and pumps 

The LS-H100 sets the standard for the drive industry. Environmentally friendly water treatment and fan and pump systems incorporate the outstanding energy-saving benefits of the LS-H100 for fans and pumps. LS-H100 frequency inverters feature a user-friendly keypad designed exclusively for the fan and pump market to meet various customer requirements.

The special features:

     - RS-485 capability is integrated
     - Modbus RTU, Metasys N2
     - BACnet MS/TP is embedded as standard
     - LonWorks option can be added
     - Communication module Exclusive for fan and pump BACnet
     - Global specification compliant - UL Plenum certified
     - Side-by-side installation
     - Reduced size
     - Soft-fill control
     - Multiple motor control
     - Fire mode

Safety notice

All work relating to connection, commissioning and regular maintenance
must be carried out by qualified, responsible personnel.