External fans for electric motors

As an electric motor expert and specialist for drive technology, we are exactly the right address when you are searching for high-quality external fans. At JS-Technik, you can also purchase the electric motors, special motors, geared motors, bevel gear sets with electric motors and other products in the professional drive technology field that need to be cooled by the different types of external fans. We're offering you drive systems of the highest quality.

Electric drive with external fan

External fans from JS-Technik are primarily used for electric motors and geared motors. Such motors can be found, for example, in hydraulic units, pumps, compressors, shredders, agitators, presses, hammer mills, washing facilities, extruders, sawmills, recycling plants, biogas plants, conveyor systems and mechanical engineering in general.

Geared motor with external fan

Our fabrication of special motors also includes the possibility to choose from many options such as a specific line voltage, a second shaft end, speed encoder, double brake (theatre brake), special paint, integrated frequency inverter, a particular machining of the shaft end and special ball bearings.

Purchase advice

Technical support is crucial to purchasing the right system, especially an external fan, a three-phase motor, geared motor or frequency inverter.  You may particularly benefit from our telephone hotline and assistance in finding the right product.  Moreover, our large stock of worm gearboxes allows us to ensure short delivery times.

Energy saving calculator

Since the foundation of our company, we have specialized on electric motors and geared motors. In addition, with our energy-saving calculator, you can directly determine the energy-saving potential of a specific energy-saving motor used instead of a conventional motor.

Frequency inverters

At this point, we would like to draw your attention specifically to our high-end LS frequency inverters with their broad range of options are almost unbeatable in their price classes.

Stock availability of external fans

JS-Technik GmbH has a vast selection of products in stock and can generally supply within 24 hours. This does of course not apply to special designs.