Speed control for DC motors

The stepless speed controls listed here can be ordered in two different versions. This includes the direct current control unit in the control cabinet. This can be integrated into most areas of application without much effort. In addition, the motor control can also be ordered alone. Of course, the entire connection has to be wired here.

Special features of the motor control

If the DC motor has an electromagnetic brake, this can be connected via the control. In addition, the motor acceleration and braking times can be set from 0.5 seconds to 10 seconds. If the drive is blocked, the power supply to the control switches off, but can be restarted with the reset signal.


Here you can see an example of the use of the DC speed controller

DC motor with gearbox

Most of our gearboxes listed here in the online shop can be combined with DC motors up to 7.5kW. The power level from 0.14kW to 0.8kW can be controlled with the control unit listed. In addition, a wide variety of permanent magnet motor variants can be selected here. These include DC motors with voltages from 12V-24V to 48V, as well as speeds of 1000 rpm - 1500 rpm and 3000 revolutions. We also offer DC motors in a smooth design or with cooling fins in an IEC housing. You can also choose between the version with a terminal box or with a connecting cable.


DC motor according to technical specifications

The DC motors offered by JS-Technik are often custom-made, which we can offer you in large quantities at very reasonable prices. Of course, we also offer individual pieces that can also be equipped with modifications. If you have a need for DC motors or need DC motors to be manufactured according to customer specifications, please send us your inquiry. We guarantee you an extremely attractive price-performance ratio in advance.