Horizontal helical gear units up to 470,000Nm

The JS-Technik gearboxes of the H series are used in industrial applications with high loads
is required. The H series is manufactured for the highest possible performance in the smallest
possible space. To this too and in order to be able to be used in any installation position,
additional cooling or a modified type of lubrication of the gear unit is often necessary. There
are several options available, such as: Oil expansion tank, fan, cooling coils,
water / oil heat exchanger with external pump, water / oil heat exchanger
with shaft end pump and air / oil heat exchanger.
At this point we would like to point out that in each standard size, a reinforced version of
the extruder can also be obtained from JS-Technik GmbH.

 Horizontal helical gear unit in extruder design


Horizontal helical gear units - Accessories

The following accessories can be supplied for H Series gearboxes:
- IEC B5 motor flange
- Output flange
- Shrink disc
- Backstop
- Flexible or hydraulic coupling between motor and gearbox
- Pressure lubrication (integrated or external)
- Cooling with external heat exchanger oil / water
- Cooling with integrated cooling coil
- Cooling with integrated fan
- Cooling with external air/oil heat exchanger
- Oil heating
- temperature sensor
- temperature switch
- oil flow sensor
- Oil filter
- Different sealing systems
- Glass oil level indicator
- Oil expansion tank


Horizontal helical gear unit with IEC flange


Torques and applications

Horizontal spur gearboxes are available in many variants and in torque sizes from
3,000Nm to 470,000Nm. The most common application is in combination with a
three-phase motor. This is mounted directly to the gearbox via an IEC - B5 - flange.
directly to the gearbox. For larger "gearbox with motor" designs, we offer the possibility
of pre-assembling this combination, including the motor coupling.
combination including motor coupling pre-assembled on a base frame.


Horizontal helical gearbox in standard version


Cooling variants

Here you can see an overview of the cooling options for horizontal helical gear units.