Flat gear motor / Parallel shaft gear motor

The flat gear motors of the D series offer a high degree of flexibility also due to their optional design with solid shaft or hollow shaft. You can choose from our entire range of JS-Technik three-phase motors to match your requirements. With this drive system, you will combine space-saving design with dynamics and reliability in a powerful flat gear motor.

Technical data

Power:                        0.12 kW to 160 kW
Construction size:      172 to 976
Torque:                       1 NM to 15 000 Nm

Service factor of a geared motor

The service factor (fs) is the percentage of overloading the geared motor can handle for short periods to make sure it will operate securely under normal operating conditions. ‘’fs =1’’ means uniform load, 8 hours per day and up to 100 gear changes per hour.

The service factor depends on:

- Operating time
- Duty type
- Number of gear changes per unit of time
- Type of drive
- Other factors

Gearbox selection

In order to choose the correct drive system, you need to

1. determine the service factor (fs) depending on the operating conditions
2. determine the required torque M for the driven load (output torque of the gearbox)
3. determine the required speed of rotation (output speed of the gearbox)
4. determine the required power for the driven load (the power P2 required at the output shaft of the gearbox)
5. determine the transverse force required at the output shaft of the gearbox depending on the drive element

Once these values have been determined, the suitable gearbox can be seen from the performance tables indicated. In this process, you should make sure that the service factor and transverse force are always smaller than the values listed in the performance tables.

General properties of the flat gearboxes

This gearbox design is very compact and easy to mount. Flanged, foot-mounted and hollow shaft designs or combination designs are possible. The flat gearboxes are manufactured as part of a modular system. The output flange and output shaft can be mounted onto a standard design (hollow shaft drive system) without modifications. Flat gearboxes have new mounting possibilities, also for the drive side. Standard motor flanges such as EC B14 or B5 or a connection via the shaft drive are possible. They can also be combined with other types of gearboxes with only few modifications required.  When high efficiency and strength are determining factors for the application, worm gearboxes can in many cases no longer be used. Flat gearboxes will then be used instead. Moreover, they can bear higher transverse forces than other types of gearboxes can.

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