Service factor of geared motors

The service factor (fs) is a safety factor for the gears that describes the operating conditions of the drive.
''fs =1'' stands for uniform loads, 8 hours per day and up to 100 operations per hour. The service factor depends on:

- Usage time

- Load type

 - Switching frequency

- Type of drive
- Other factors

To determine the correct service factor:
1. Determine the service life of the driven machine.
2. Select the type of load on the driven machine.
U - uniform load
M - non-uniform load
H - strongly non-uniform load
3. Determine the switching frequency.
4. After determining the above values, the service factors can be calculated from the below
can be read from the table below.


We offer you various geared motors, e.g. worm gears, spur gears, bevel-helical gears, planetary gears, flat gears.

In general, we recommend using a service factor of less than 1 for geared motors only in exceptional cases.
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