Energy Saving Calculator for Electric Motors

Our energy saving calculator can help to analyse possible energy savings in detail. By directly comparing the motor efficiencies of efficiency classes IE1, IE2, IE3, and IE4, you can determine their saving effects.

Energy Costs

With rising energy costs, the energy consumption of drive technology is also becoming increasingly important. The potential for minimisation must be fully exploited to ensure competitiveness now and in the future. Reduced energy consumption is also a benefit for the environment. Approximately 95% of the life cycle costs of a motor are attributable to energy costs – only a maximum of 5% to acquisition and installation.


Fortführung der Energieeffizienz - Klassen von Elektromotoren

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Efficiency Classes

There are four IE – efficiency classes, which are relevant in the context of IEC 60034-30: IE1 (standard efficiency), IE2 (high efficiency), IE3 (premium efficiency), and IE4 (super-premium efficiency). The international designations of each class are the following:

IE1 = Standard Efficiency
IE2 = High Efficiency
IE3 = Premium Efficiency
IE4 = Super Premium Efficiency