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Inexpensive three-phase motors in aluminum

Occasionally we  have cheap special items on three-phase motors, electric motors and geared motors. These are usually new goods with possible slight damage to the paintwork or similar minor signs of wear. Our customers often find out during commissioning that they have chosen the wrong drive. In this case, of course, a quick exchange is possible. The engine then has slight traces of use, but is still in the best condition. After a positive technical check, the product will be offered again in our online shop with a price reduction. These engines are very popular
because they are sold much cheaper than comparable products.

Quality products

Our electric motors / three-phase motors are subject to strict quality controls. Precise tests are carried out both during production and before shipping to ensure that they function correctly when they are put into operation. This double check minimizes error rates and avoids replacement costs.  

Special customer requests

Special motors and customer-specific motors can be delivered from our factory production at a small additional cost and with an acceptable delivery time. In addition, we can implement your urgent requests at short notice at fair prices by modifying stock engines in our company in Ahlhorn. Stock engines are modified in the workshop with engineering department and paint shop. For example, alternative voltages and/or frequencies, a second shaft end, special bearings, motors with forced ventilation, motors with built-on brakes or motors with speed sensors are possible.

Motor range

Whether special brake motor, circular saw motor, frequency converter motor, special shaft, special voltage or as an electric motor in different protection classes, we are your professional partner in the field of standard and special motors. All electric motors comply with the regulations according to DIN or IEC. If  you cannot find your electric motor here in the online shop, please email us or simply contact us directly by phone. 
SEO= Inexpensive three-phase motors in aluminum

SEO= Inexpensive aluminum three-phase motors. Inexpensive aluminum three-phase motors