Circuit breaker for electric motors

As an expert in drive technology, we are exactly the right address if you are looking for high-quality electric motors, special motors, forced cooling fans, geared motors, electric motor angle drives and frequency converters. Naturally, our range also includes the corresponding accessories, for example, the motor-protective circuit-breaker that corresponds to your drive.

Special motors

In our production of special motors, you can also choose between special voltages, a second shaft end, speed encoders, double brakes (theater brakes), special paint finishes, engine rain roof, frequency converter construction, shaft end machining and special ball bearings.

Application examples of JS drives

Our drives are used almost everywhere in machinery and plant engineering, such as: fans, gear pumps, assembly lines, light conveyor belts, screw conveyors, liquid agitators, filling and packaging machines, generators, fans, cleaning machines, textile machines, looms, conveyor belts of all kinds, screw conveyors, sliding gates, elevators, crane drives, machine tools, woodworking machines, printing presses, kneading machines, rolling barrels, agitators for semi-liquid a. doughy masses, roller table drives, packaging machines, folding machines, punches, concrete mixers, crushing machines, brick presses, forging presses, blowers, compressors, piston pumps, saw gates, heavy winches, rolling mills, heavy machine tools, edge mills, hammer mills, extruders, calenders, heavy material handling systems, elevators, Bucket elevators, trough and screw conveyors. Accessories for asynchronous motors or three-phase motors and electric motors are frequently required for these and other special requirements.

Buyer's guide

Especially when purchasing three-phase motors, geared motors or frequency converters, professional support is indispensable. Especially, we would like to point out our telephone advice and assistance with the product decision. In addition, we offer a short delivery time thanks to a large worm gear bearing.
Energy Savings Calculator
Since our foundation, we have specialized in electric motors and gear motors. As a special service, you can use our energy-saving calculator to calculate immediately how high your savings potential is if you use an energy-saving motor instead of a conventional electric motor.

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