DC motors with quality

The DC motors up to 7.5 kW offered by JS-Technik are custom-made products, which we can offer you in larger quantities at very favourable prices. Of course, we also offer individual pieces, which can also be equipped with modifications. If you have a need for DC motors must be manufactured according to customer specifications, please send us your request. We guarantee you in advance a very attractive price / performance ratio.

DC motor with gearbox

DC motor with gearbox

Components of a DC motor

A DC motor is used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy that performs mechanical work. This creates a rotational movement that is used to drive devices and equipment. The principle is used that acts on a current-carrying conductor in the magnetic field, a force. The main components of a DC motor are the field magnet (stator), the rotatable mounted armature (rotor), the collector and the carbon brushes.





DC worm gear motor

Function of a DC motor

By the field magnet (permanent or electromagnet) a magnetic field is built up. In this field, an electromagnet is rotatable mounted - the anchor. About carbon brushes as sliding contacts, the anchor is connected to a power source. Due to the flow of current in the armature, it becomes magnetic, causing forces between the field magnet and the armature to occur. Same magnetic poles repel each other, unequal magnetic poles attract each other. These repulsive and attractive forces between the magnetic poles cause the armature to rotate.

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