Gear motor and handwheel adjustment

Our general range of geared motors includes controllable drives. Thus, a variable-speed adjustment unit can be integrated with several gearbox sizes. We offer this with an integrated adjusting gear, which is mounted between the electric motor and the actual gearbox and is to be controlled by a handwheel. Furthermore, we offer the version with a frequency inverter, which is mounted directly on the electric motor. The speed control can be done via the potentiometer or via the PC. These options apply to our complete gear range, for worm geared motors, helical geared motors, geared motors, planetary geared motors and bevel geared motors. You order and buy drives of the highest quality from us. They are characterized by high performance and long life / durability.

Application examples

Variable speed worm geared motors are used extensively, such as on or around large spits, shredders, agitators, presses, augers, dosing screws, grain crushers, belt conveyors, chain conveyors, orators, conveyor spirals, belt dryers, feed silos, car washes, packaging machines, sawmills, etc Conveyor technology, the food industry and generally in plant and mechanical engineering.

Gear motor purchase advice

Especially with the purchase of a geared motor with integrated control unit, professional support is indispensable. Especially we would like to point out our telephone advice and assistance with the product decision. In addition, we can offer a short delivery time due to a large worm gear bearing.

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