Rain cover for fan cover

As an electric motor expert, we understand ourselves as wholesalers, specialist dealers and manufacturers of drive technology. We are exactly the right address for you if you are looking for robust and technically high-quality electric motors, special motors, forced cooling fans, geared motors, angle drives with electric motors and products from the field of electric professional drive technology. Our offer also includes three-phase motors, brake motors, single-phase motors, worm geared motors, helical geared motors, geared motors, frequency converters and much more. With us, you order and buy 24/7 your drive in the highest quality with an ideal price-performance ratio.

Weather protection for motors

Also in our production of special motors you can choose between rain cover, special tension, a second shaft end, speed sensors, double brakes (theatre brakes), special finishes, electric motors with integrated frequency inverter, machining of the shaft end and special ball bearings. We also supply NEMA, CSA, UL, GL and marine AC motors.

Application examples of drive technology

The JS technology Electric motors and gearboxes are extensively used, such as on or in a hydraulic unit, feed screw, pump, rotary pump, centrifugal pump, gear pump, eccentric screw pump, water pump, metering pump, compressor, drill, compressor, shredder, fan, agitator, press, Hammer mill, washing plant, press container, extruder, biogas plant, sawmill, recycling plant, in conveyor technology and in general in mechanical engineering.

Purchase advice for your drive motor

Especially when purchasing three-phase motors, geared motors or frequency inverters, professional support is indispensable. Specifically, we would like to point out our telephone advice and assistance with the product decision. In addition, we offer a short delivery time thanks to a large worm gear bearing.

Stock availability of electric motors, gearboxes and frequency inverters

As a rule, as JS-Technik GmbH, we can usually deliver within 24 hours due to our extensive warehouse. Excluded are of course special designs.

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