Worm gearboxes with DC motors

Worm gearboxes with DC motors are available in different speeds, i.e. from 2 - 600 rpm (revolutions per minute). DC worm gear motors are often used
with customer specific requirements needed. We are the ideal partner for you, because with decades of experience and our own final assembly we can make many things possible.

Individual designs

In the area of "gearboxes with DC motors" we can offer a wide range, these are: worm gearboxes with DC brake motors, special shafts, various installation positions, as a worm geared motor with integrated self-ventilation, with and without clamping loads and much more. Most of our gearboxes can also be combined with a DC motor.

DC motor control

Our DC motors can also be continuously controlled using the PLN control device up to 40A using a potentiometer. The ramp-up and delay times can also be adjusted.
This optional control is available in three performance sizes and can also be delivered in a control box .

Operating modes of DC motors

Since in many applications the DC motors only run for a short time, the operating mode is often in S2. Here is a brief overview of the common operating modes of electric motors: continuous operation S1, short-term operation S2, intermittent operation S3 (without starting, without braking), intermittent operation S4 (with starting, without braking), intermittent operation S5 (with starting, with braking), continuous operation S6 (with intermittent load), reversing operation S7, continuous operation (with variable speed).

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