Single phase motor -ML 80B 0.75 kW 4pol-B3


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Product information "Single phase motor -ML 80B 0.75 kW 4pol-B3"

Single phase motor with Operating and Starting capacitor

Power= 0.75 kW, Speed= 4 pole, Voltage= 1 x 230 V (± 5% according to VDE 0530), 

Weight= approx 10.8 kg, Shaft = 19 x 40 mm, Frequency= 50 Hertz, Degree of protection= IP55, Operating mode= S1- 100% ED.

Paint= RAL 5010 (gentian blue), Temperature sensor= 1 x PTC- Thermistor. Cooling= axial fan,

Insulation class = F (155 ° C), Terminal box position= top, Housing= die-cast aluminum,

Ball bearing= SKF, C & U, o. equivalent, Motor feet= screw-on resp. can be unscrewed.

Single phase motors are suitable for both directions of rotation.


On / off switch with reversing switch for left / right rotation, underVoltage release,

Collar connector = 1 x 230 V, switching capacity = 16 A, ambient temperature = -5 ° C to + 40 ° C,

Cable between motor and switch housing = approx. 90 cm. 


Owned by the starting and operating capacitor the 230V motor has a stronger starting torque.

The starting capacitor is switched off when the Speed is reached by a centrifugal switch.

Speed control via frequency converters or the like therefore leads to faults and is not permitted.

When the load is low, the temperature in the motor rises sharply and this can lead to failures.

It is therefore recommended not to operate Single phase motors with a load below 25% of the nominal load.

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Performance: 0,75 kW
Rotation speed: 1500 rpm / 4 polig
Shaft diameter: 19 mm
Type of construction: B3


230V on/off switch with left/right rotation selector switch
Motor switch (on-off) with selector switch right / left for 0.12 - 2.2kW at 1x 230V, for external installation, cable length approx. 90cm, Description: - undervoltage tripping, - switching capacity 16 A - 1x230V, - Ambient temperature -5°C to +40°C - Collar plug 1x230 V. Switching the direction of rotation only when the motor is at a standstill!

PTC PTC thermistor tripping device
PTC thermistor tripping device, Motor protection, PTC evaluation AC 50/60Hz 115/120V-230/240V +-10% 3VA, IP20,1-9 PTC sensors according to DIN 44081, DIN 44082 in seriesContact: AC240V 2.5A C300- Dimensions: 68 x 33 x 53 mm (L x W x H)- Adapter for 35 mm standard rail- 2 holes for screw fasteningUL File No. E75899

Heating tape 56-90
Heating tape for a space heater for Electric motors size 56-63-71-80-90 The anti-condensation heater is used to prevent the formation of condensation to prevent during operational breaks.