MV-F002-90-1.1kW-17 to 199 rpm Helical Gear Inverter-motor

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Product information "MV-F002-90-1.1kW-17 to 199 rpm Helical Gear Inverter-motor"

Helical gearmotor with integrated frequency inverter EASYdrive ED400 and accessories

Power= 1,1 kW, Speed= 17 to 199 rpm, Ratio (i)= 8,45, Torque (M²)= 61 Nm, Service factor (fs)= 1,2.
Type = B3 (B35 for an extra charge), Shaft= 20x40 mm, Weight= 26,7 kg, Paint= RAL5010,
Temperature sensor = 3 x PTC thermistors.

When ordering, please select the desired mounting position and design!

Frequency inverter
Power= 1.1 kW, Size= A, Input Voltage= 3 x 400V + 10% (three-phase), Input frequency= 50/60 Hz,
Output frequency= 0-400 Hz, EMC filter= C2, Degree of protection= IP65, Dimensions=  233mm x 153mm x 120mm,
Mains current (input)= 2.6 A. Ideal control range= 5-60 Hz, below 30 Hz, a forced cooling fan is used for cooling

Product Information 
The frequency converter optionally offers the possibility of becoming "bus-capable" with the aid of fieldbus modules. 
With CANopen, EtherCAT, Modbus (already included), Profibus, Profinet and Sercos the EASYdrive offers 
Compatibility with almost all common interfaces. The customer can choose the relevant bus system for him and 
integrate the EASYdrive ideally in the control environment of its application.The required optional control variant 
must be specified for orders.The EASYdrive lasts without external filter measures the EMC class C2 
(for 3-phase mains supply), or C1 (for 1-phase mains supply).


 ! Possible variant selection!

             Electric- Motor + Frequency-Inverter

Product selection

When selecting the frequency converter, make sure that there are 3 variants. First, this includes the device
in the standard version, secondly the device with a membrane keyboard and thirdly the device with an MMI 
operating unit.
The illustrated "frequency converter in standard version" is fully usable and contains a built-in potentiometer,
but needs to control a corresponding control panel.
For this purpose, one of the following options must be ordered:
- External HMI device (MMI with cable and plug)
- Interface cable for PC programming
- Bluetooth adapter

The variant "Frequency inverter with membrane keypad" offers the possibility to directly control the FI,
such as Start-stop, left-right-run etc.
For parameterization, one of the following options must also be ordered:
- External HMI device (MMI with cable and plug)
- Interface cable for PC programming
- Bluetooth adapter

The variant "Frequency converter with MMI operating unit" does not require an optional operating unit
In addition, a display is included in the device cover. The mentioned options can be used if required.


Important notes
This drive is a custom-made product. A withdrawal or cancellation of the purchase is excluded!
All product photos are non-binding examples!

Properties "MV-F002-90-1.1kW-17 to 199 rpm Helical Gear Inverter-motor"
Control range: here. 17 bis 199 rpm
Performance: 1,1 kW
Series: EASYdrive ED400 0,55kW - 22,0kW
Torque: 51 to 100 Nm